About Us

Celtic Running Adventures is a new sister business of Polar Running Adventures. While Polar Running Adventures operates the northernmost and southernmost running events on earth (the North Pole Marathon and Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k), Celtic Running Adventures will concentrate on developing a variety of new events in Ireland. The first such event is the Celtic 100k.


The business is operated by Richard Donovan, an international ultra athlete from Galway. Richard was the first marathoner at both the North and South Poles and has also successfully run a variety of off-road ultramarathons in desert, jungle, mountains and snow. In February 2009, he ran marathons on all seven continents in a record 5 days 10 hours and 8 minutes. He is also a former Irish 100-mile road record holder.


Richard is also the Chairman of UltraRunning Ireland, recognised by the International Association of Ultra Runners and Athletics Ireland as the representative organisation for ultra running in Ireland.